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Return to Karazhan

Karazhan is back!

        Blizzard wants to keep us tensed and even nostalgic this time! After the Legion release one of the most favourite dungeons is coming back and if you still shiver from that music and miss those bosses, it’s your time to combat Moroes and other 8 bosses! New Return to Karazhan Mythic only Dungeon (there's no Karazhan mythic+ keystone yet) is a revamp of well-known Karazhan raid from World of Warcraft Burning Crusade expansion coming in WOW: Legion patch 7.1. This is not the raid dungeon, as its only for 5 players, yet it’s a lot of fun along the run! If you remember bosses from the old Karazhan, they are all familiar to you, yet there are less of them now, 9 to be exact with Nightbane being secret boss which drops incredible Smoldering Ember Wyrm (Nightbane Mount) and requires special Karazhan Time Run to be completed in order to be able to summon and fight this encounter.

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