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MMONSTER News: Patch 6.2.3 Live This Week

Hello everyone!

Patch 6.2.3 goes live this week (November 18th), bringing some system updates and new rewards. You can check full list of patch notes by clicking this link.

We thought you especially will be interested in following new features:

  • Crosserver Hellfire Citadel Mythic - now you can easily buy Hellfire Citadel Mythic run and not bother yourself with things such as character transfer.
  • Grove Warden - new unique mount obtainable only from Archimonde on Heroic difficulty.
  • Improved Mythic DungeonsMythic Dungeons now have a chance to award items ranging from item level 685 to 725. Bosses now also have a chance to drop a new Heirloom Trinket that will scale up to level 110.


With best regards,
MMONSTER.eu team


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