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MMONSTER Advice: How to protect yourself from fraud

Hello everyone!

Recently, we began to receive a lot of reports about scammers using our name. We ask you, our customers, to be as careful as possible and to follow these simple rules to avoid scammers:

  • MMONSTER.eu does not sell any of its services for gold or any other in-game currencies. If someone who uses our name tries to sell anything to you with payment in gold or other in-game currency - be careful, it's a fraud.
  • MMONSTER.eu does not advertises any of its services via in-game public chat channels (General, Location, etc.)
  • MMONSTER.eu uses only following official contacts:

skype: live:info_126391

whatsapp: +4915738225419

email: info@mmonster.eu

Please be careful, scammers may try to disguise their contacts as ours.


With best regards,

MMONSTER.eu team

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