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New World of Warcraft: Legion Raids are finally here to test the bravest heroes of Azeroth!


      New Wow Legion raids are something to look into. The Emerald Nightmare is a long-awaited 7 bosses raid; it was created by Titans as the utopic version of Azeroth. Nevertheless, something turned out badly and the darkness started to swallow the world. In the Emerald Nigtmare players will pass the line between two realities, our world’s and the world of Emerald Dreamway, in order to find Cenarius and fight the powerful Lord of Nightmare Xavius. The Nighthold which has as many as 10 bosses, a royal palace of Elves where Grand Magister reigns. He conducted a pact with the Legion and let them use Pillar of Creation in order to establish the Nightwell. This raid is going to recall you the Black Temple, you will start your fights in a tunnel afterwards you are going to move along the royal court and will end up at the Nightwell where you meet Gul’dan. He is not going to escape and avoid the battle this time.

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