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No one wants to be alone! If you are an avid mount collector select one (or two!) to help you out as you battle through the World of Warcraft

      It seems inconceivable now that you walked by foot your first days in WOW and long time travels consumed your time. But the situation changes when you are with mount and having some gold or honor points you can travel with comfort. There are different methods to gain a mount or pet and but to buy it from a reliable EU service is the best way to save time and efforts. Exotic creatures and machines make travels faster than if a character just walked and flying mounts not only boost your speed but give access to the areas unreachable before. The variety of World of Warcraft species (such as Invincible, Al'ar, Mimiron's Head, Ironhoof Destroyer, Felsteel Annihilator etc) will catch an eye of a discerning collector and loot run with mount can help you to obtain a rare creature.


      Depending on your riding skills you can enjoy overland or aquatic mounts and benefit from their abilities. So, for example, Abyssal Seahorse mount can give you +450% swim speed boost though won’t make you able to breathe under water. If you need not just an ordinary mount but a real pearl among others than to obtain it in raid will be the best solution. No matter if you are just an Expert in riding or a Master of level 80, loot run with mount for EU players will enrich your collection.

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