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While battles against Legion are going on, elite forces of Alliance and Horde still compete on the battlefields and Arenas for the true Glory and Fame!

There are a lot of changes that WOW: Legion expansion has brought to PvP. First of all, Honor points as well as Conquest points just disappeared. Honor points will now boost such parameter as Honor level. Increasing Honor level you're going to unlock some of the new PvP talents. PvP talents is the separated set which becomes active in case a player enters PvP zone or starting a combat with another player. Honor Talents influence a lot at your gaming experience, for instance let you adjust your character’s abilities in order to fit them into the gaming environment or even into the current situation with a game opponent. Second one, each and every specialisation in PvP has pre-established characteristics indicators and all previous gear stats are going to be reset. All bonuses from the sets, Legendary bonuses, trinket effects or enchants will be off, yet do not worry about your Artifact Weapon, it’s powers will still be active. Gear gives you less advantages than before. The difference between item level gets much smaller in stats, which mean that ilvl difference such as 25 is only 2,5% in terms of stats. There will be no special PvP characteristics or changes of ilvl in PvP, yet you will still be able to get some PVP Gear. Titles and ratings are shared between both factions now: certain % of players from each faction, Alliance and Horde, will get their rewards and titles separately. PvP seasons will get shorter which means there will be more rewards granted! And last but not least - Legion has brought brand new PVP system called Prestige. Firstly, you need to achieve Honor level 50, then you can Prestige (reset your Honor level to 1 and increase your Prestige level by 1) which unlocks great rewards. Each Prestige level will grant you new, even better reward, summing up to 4 rewards per Legion Season (each season there will be 4 Prestige Levels added).

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