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Good equipment is a half of success for a professional and everybody knows it’s not that easy to get your hands on certain items

      Though it’s not a problem when you can buy the items you need. Here you will find most reliable WOW equipment you could only dream about. As you may know, all items in the game can be identified by color and suffix of their name which makes it easy to collect really effective equipment for a particular character. What benefits can be obtained from the equipment in WOW? Let’s see!


      Poor gray items have minimum possible parameters and don’t worth much attention as well as Common white items. Better when it comes to Uncommon green items that gives bonuses to one or two different stats. Rare items of superior quality have blue names and usually come from instances but really valuable things (and we offer them for EU PVP and PVE players) are Epic purple items and Legendary orange items that have three or four stat bonuses. The main thing of Epic items is sets that give fast boost tochar’s stats though not as enormously as the Legendary. There is one more thing about Uncommon, Rare and Epic items that makes them a good purchase. You can disenchant them which means you transmute them into crystals, dust or other magical components for enchanting recipes.


      The most reliable items are easy to recognize by their level, the higher - the better, by their buffs that are to be appropriate for the char’s class and boost it. Moreover, those items are easy to purchase. Remember that there should be no disparity between char’s class and items level as there is no point in having a thing that can’t be used. 

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