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Loremaster of Legion

Loremaster of Legion is the meta achievement, which is needed to be completed for Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One (+20% mount speed on the Broken Isles) and also is a critaria for general The Loremaster achievement which gives your character such a glorious “Loremaster” title and special tabard. In order to get this meta achievement, you need to complete all world quests in all locations of the Broken Isles: Azsuna, Val’sharah, Stormheim, Highmountain and of course the hardest part - quests in Suramar for Good Suramaritan achievement. Well its really time consuming operation and you may need this meta achievement for another mega thing: unlocking flying in Legion (in Legion patch 7.2). Loremaster is easy to get with the help of our professional players and we will be glad to provide you with safe and great boosting service for the best price possible!

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